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Professional Installation and Repair of Master Key Systems in Dubai

Master Key System is for people who want one master key to open all door locks of their commercial properties. We can create, install and manage your detailed master key system for ensuring you always have the right key and control access to your property. At Locksmith Dubai, we only work with the best manufacturers and use premium quality keys to make sure our commercial clients in Dubai have the most durable, effective and trouble-free master key systems.

Our locksmiths and technicians are professionally trained in installing master key systems and high security digital locks and guiding owners on how to use them. For the best in fast and efficient service on commercial master key installation, repairing and maintenance services in Dubai, we are available 24*7 for your commercial locks and master key system requirements.

Master Key System for Apartment Buildings

We can install a master key lock system for apartment buildings to allow the landlord or property manager to gain access to all apartments using one key and to complete repair works in case of an emergency.

Master Key System for Hotels

We offer master key installation services to hotels so that eligible employees are given a master key to access all guest rooms for routine work, maintenance and emergency, without any hassle of using separate keys for each room.

Master Key System for Residential Communities

For large residential communities, the master key system is essentially ubiquitous. The administrative personnel of residential complexes can get master keys in order to have access to the residences and show it to renters when required. 

Trust only professionals for getting your master key system installed and repaired! When installing a master key system, we encourage our customers to select a high level of access control system and get it inspected on a regular basis for ensuring maximum security. Give Locksmith Dubai a call on 050-409-2786 to get your master key system installed today!

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